Guest Post: My Wife Josie is 3 Years Sober Today


For almost 3 years you’ve gotten to know Josie by reading her blog. The blogging relationships she has developed have been of great assistance to her and her life. But it’s about time that you get to know the Josie I know. It’s about time that you hear stories from another point of view. It’s about time you see my wife Josie through my eyes and my heart…

In the winter of 1994, while in college I tagged along to a Residence Life staff dinner at my college. At that time my then girlfriend was part of this group as were many friends that I came to know. When the event was over a few people stayed behind to clean up. This was spearheaded by the Residence Life Coordinator, Josie. The clean-up took place in her apartment attached to one of the residence halls. A discussion broke out about the perfect scenario for having children. How many? What sex? And when to keep going and when to stop in order to have the perfect mix of girls and boys. In this discussion there were only two people who agreed with each scenario, and it wasn’t me and my then girlfriend. There was something about that discussion and something so powerful about that moment that I left that evening and said to myself, I am going to marry Josie. That was the moment when I knew she was the one.

Two years later, after our friendship grew, my break-up with another and many other variables, we began dating. Yesterday marked 19 years that we’ve been together.

During our 15+ years of marriage Josie and I have moved multiple times, experienced the birth of not one but two premature children, went through promotions and layoffs, the death of loved ones and the coming and going of friends and family. During these years we have become quite accustomed to each other’s positive and not so positive attributes. Yet through it all, one thing had always remained a constant…Josie and me.

Like many married couples I know, some things are said that have more meaning than others. For me, I’ve told Josie that I would not and could not ever cheat on her. No one, even her, understands how adamant I am about that statement. For Josie, she once told a financial planner who was working with us, when asked how you would describe your life, “We’re living the dream.” And then there was the conversation we had one day about the purpose of our lives. Josie defined hers by the roles she played in life. I told her, and I still believe it, that I was here for something greater than me. I told her that it involved her. I believed that my purpose was to help her achieve something greater than both of us. Yet my most personal and momentous conversation came when I revealed to her my greatest fear in life. I told her that I feared being a father to two children without her as their mother. Listen, I am good Dad, but certainly not great. What Josie does for our two children, that’s what makes the world go around. She is a mother that will go to any length for our children. She is their rock. Without her I don’t know how I would be able to do it, or how they’d be able to go day-to-day in their own lives.

Then on January 27th, 2012 I chose my greatest fear. I told Josie she could no longer live in our home. She had become a detriment to herself and a danger to our children. I told her she had to go.

I can picture that day like a movie in my head. I know where I was when I told the most immediate members of my family about what had transpired. I don’t think I cried to anyone, I just think I did what had to be done.

The next evening we sat down with the children and explained that Mommy was sick and had to live with Mom Mom. We told them what we thought was the best for them at that time. They each took the news and questioned it differently. We had two children who knew as much as we did about our future as a family. They cried. Josie cried. And reluctant acceptance was had by all.

Josie would come to see the children almost every day with the supervision of her Mom. We were fortunate. Between Josie’s Mom taking her in and driving with her to and from our house each day, she was a life saver upon which many things would never had been able to happen. My sister would take our son, every morning after I got our daughter off to school, so I could get to work. My parents made themselves available so I could attend Al-Anon meetings. Friends and extended family gradually became aware of what was going on. There was no shortage of miracles throughout that difficult time.

Josie began her quest for sustained sobriety on that January Sunday. Her Mom and others tried to explain this to me during the 7 weeks that followed, but it took some time for me to believe it. For I had gone through many broken promises and lies as well as in-patient rehab and legal issues just a year earlier. However, as one day at a time passed, my personal cries stopped. My anger subsided. My fear had been conquered.

I stopped drinking at this time. I was never a heavy drinker nor did I ever have any personal addiction issues. But as I watched my wife from afar, my belief in her sobriety became a reality. I did not want to do something she was choosing to no longer partake in. I don’t remember the exact moment, like I did in 1994, but at some point I remember the statement I made to Josie years earlier. I was here for something greater than me and something greater than her. This could not be done if we were not together.

And 7 weeks after my choice to face my greatest fear and Josie’s choice to become sober…Josie came home.

Awkward, yes. Bouts of distrust, yes. A learning curve on how to be married and co-parent again, yes.

However, today, January 27th, 2015 I am proud to say my wife is 3 years sober.

In my opinion my wife has an addictive personality. No matter the substance, food, alcohol or drugs, they are just a symptom of something more. But none of this defines Josie.

Today, my marriage to Josie is stronger than ever before. She has accepted herself for who she is, the person I met many years ago and fell in love with. My wife is the smartest person I know (I will never tell her this however). While I see things as black and white, she sees the gray in many situations. She has given me the two greatest gifts ever, our daughter and our son and we parent together. We complement each other’s strengths and we lift each other up in areas that we’re not as strong. We have found a way to communicate honestly and openly about our thoughts and our feelings. Sobriety has created a foundation that makes our relationship stronger each and every day.

The Josie I know took an intelligent mind and made choices that were neither in her best interest nor that of anyone around her. I hate the choices she made, but never hated her.

I love my wife. She is the one and only for me. I love coming home to her. I cannot sleep in a bed she is not in. I love to make her laugh and I will go to all lengths to make that happen. She is the only person with whom I can do something, or sit still and do nothing, and be just as happy either way.

Sobriety is a part of our lives. Lives that have never been better. I do not sit in judgment of others who have chosen differently. I just know that I wouldn’t trade my life or the last 19 years for anything. I am living the dream with Josie and my two children and I am the luckiest human being alive.

Today’s Miracle:
That I can express just a fraction of what my wife Josie means to me because the full amount goes beyond words.

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  1. Beautiful message to Josie. You are both blessed to have each other. Lucky to call you both my friends. Congrats!

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  2. Beautiful Dan. How lucky you are to have each other. Congratulations to you both for 3 years of sobriety and 19 years of love.

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  3. Thanks so very much for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the other side of the story. Perhaps those weeks of enforced separation 3 years ago were also part of the dream? Your statement “I wouldn’t trade my life or the last 19 years for anything.” is exactly how I feel about my life today – I embrace and accept it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is a part of who I am.

    If I might add too, that Josie through her blog is a regular and important part of my recovery too. It’s folks like Josie that not just keep me sober, but keep me going in a good direction in sharing their experience, strengnth, and hope. Thanks so much for all of that.



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    • Robert, on a day already filled with blessings, this is an unexpected one, and has brought tears to my eyes! Thanks so much for this comment, you have made a great day fantastic with your words!

      Glad you enjoyed my husband’s side of the story as well 🙂


  4. What a beautiful post 🙂 Happy 3 years!

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  5. Love this! Powerful stuff. Congratulations on 3 years!

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  6. Beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful.

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  7. Reblogged this on ByeByeBeer and commented:
    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josie and her husband on a couple occasions and didn’t think it was possible to like them more. Then I read this guest-post and realized I was wrong. Congratulations to Josie on her 3 years of recovery, and thank you to her sweet husband for supporting her and sharing this touching tribute.


    • As always, Kristen, you are generous with your praise. Thanks for the reblog, and the feelings are mutual 🙂


      • From the other comments, I can see I’m not the only tearing up at work 🙂 Really cool to hear the backstory of how you two met and your devotion to each other. And it’s not everyday that we get to hear a spouse’s perspective on addiction and recovery. He did a wonderful job. What a beautiful way to honor your three years.

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  8. I think Josie is great too!
    Congratulations to her on her 3 year sober anniversary. 😃

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  9. Just beautiful Josie and congrats on 3 years 🙂 xx

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  10. wow!
    tears and such appreciation for your lovely husband and his willingness to put this all out there.
    seeing this from the other side is helpful, seeing this from the other side when he is also willing to go to any lengths to protect himself and the kids is enlightening.
    Thanks for this

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  11. What a beautiful tribute! It has been a day by day journey and I always knew in my heart that you would come through the other side. Your faith in each other and in God carried you through. I am so proud of you both. Congratulations Joanne on 3 years.


  12. You guys are awesome and awe inspiring. I loved this post.


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  13. I am sitting in a crowded office with people everywhere – trying not to lose my eye make-up. I’ve come to know you, Josie, over the last year and fell in love right away. It’s no surprise to find this wonderful man in your fight corner – how cool to hear the whole story.
    What a blessing and an honor to you know you through your eyes and now through his. xoxoxo

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  14. I know you Josie, but it was through Kristen’s blog that I came here today. So glad that I did. This is an incredible love story – and I’m so glad you’re a part of it.

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  15. What an amazing post. Written by an amazing person about another amazing person… Simply in awe. Thank you

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  16. This almost made me squirt a few tears at work too. I too love hearing from the other side of the coin and what you wrote Dan was heartbreaking and yet heartwarming. I can only imagine what my wife would write about our marriage – we often try to be mind readers, but often we are wrong!

    We do realize the damage we do, but sometimes not to the extent we think of it. There has been healing on both sides, and it’s wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing this, Dan. And congrats on 19 yrs marriage!! (My wife and I celebrate 20 tomorrow – what a gift, eh?)

    And Josie – congrats on 3 years. You are a star to me and you inspire so many more than you think. Be gentle to yourself – you obviously do a lot for so many and shine a great light. Keep shining, crazy gal 😉


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  17. Congratulations on three years, Josie! I loved reading this post – what a fantastic team you two make. How it should be 🙂 xx

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  18. Congratulations on 3 years! I’ve really enjoyed and learned so much from your blog, Josie, and ever since I heard you on the Bubble Hour, I read it in your voice! I talk fast like you! I loved that episode!! Today, I was so moved to read your husband’s words (did not read this in your voice – tried to imagine his – probably with a little quiver in it at times). This was so touching that I think I need to end my reading tonight with this – it is just so great. I am so glad to hear you made it through that tough January of 2012 and are still going strong 3 years today.


  19. Josie and Dan, thanks for this wonderful, beautiful post. I take my place among the weepers reading along here! And reading along, I can feel the love you share. Congrats on three years sober, Josie. Seems like it’s miracles all around over your way! xo

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  20. Lots and lots of miracles, and thanks fpr the lovely comment! 🙂


  21. Josie, the changes that you’ve made in your life are truly inspiring. I love reading your posts because of your insight and humility. I always learn something from you. Congratulations on 3 years of sobriety, my friend! Dan, thank you for sharing your perspective. I’ve always felt that marriage survive when the partners allow each other the room to change and grow. You two are amazing! xo


  22. Congratulations Josie! And what a beautiful post by your husband!


  23. Congrats Josie! Woot Woot, 3 years is huge!

    And thank you so much for this heartfelt post and sharing Dan’s point of view. You are a miracle, often couples do not make it through this kind of difficulties, let alone make it to the other side and thrive! So woot woot to both of you! And Thank you for being such a huge inspiration and all the amazing service work that you are involved in Josie!

    Sending many hugs!


  24. What a beautiful post! You two are so blessed to have one another. 🙂


  25. What a beautiful post! You two are so blessed to have one another. 🙂


  26. Thanks for writing. Thanks for sharing hope. Happy for you both. Hoping one day to share my wife’s story of sobriety. Congrats Josie on 3 years!

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