Since I’m Usually Late to a Party Anyway…

… I am going to ignore the fact that we are a week into the new year, but still state my intention for my Word Of The Year.  This practice has been making the rounds in my little corner of the blogging world, and it seems to have started with the delightful Mished-Up, I am so excited to have found her blog!  Thanks for this wonderful new ritual, I am excited to embrace the concept and see what great things it brings to my life!

For my inaugural word, I have selected:

the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.



Here’s the reasons and hopes for and in selecting energy:

  • Just thinking about the word energy brightens my spirits.  I mentioned that I have been under the weather for the past few days.  The silver lining of this being that I’ve had plenty of time to ruminate about my Word Of the Year!  With zero energy right now, the idea of working to bring more of it into my life seems like a rewarding project.
  • Energy is applicable to every component of life, and can be incorporated into any possible resolution I might want to make.  If I choose to improve my diet, well, calories are technically units of energy.  If I choose to revamp (read:  restart) my fitness regimen, increased energy is a natural outcome.  If I choose to organize myself better in the new year, I am ultimately expending more energy than I have in the past.
  • I have an undertaking in the works currently that I will address in more detail in a later post, primarily because I detest talking about goals before I’ve really begun, but the undertaking involves the practice of meditation.  From my limited understanding, one of the many benefits of meditation is increased energy, as well as the development of a new set of skills for dealing with the negative energy in one’s life.
  • And speaking of negative energy, and by negative energy I am referring to any form of energy that is detrimental, learning how to best handle it would make this list as well.  Managing/eliminating/limiting toxic relationships, growing/encouraging/fostering positive relationships, eradicating that which drains me mentally, and working to end negative patterns all could fall under the umbrella of possibilities.
  • Harnessing the energy I possess and using it for good, rather than continuing to weigh the pro’s and con’s without ever taking action.  Giving myself permission to fail would be key to this process, as well as working against my natural tendency for all or nothing thinking.
  • Somewhat along the lines of the bullet point above, taking action to resolve long-standing issues that drain me of energy.  Continuing to bitch and moan about a problem without making any attempt to solve it enervates me, so, clearly, the opposite approach should energize.
  • Cultivate a greater awareness of and gratitude for the energy I have right here, right now.  It is default thinking for me to consider what I should be doing, how I could be better spending my time, and how much more could have been achieved.  Again, this type of thinking is exhausting.  Taking time each day to consider what has been done well always brings positive energy, so why not increase that energy as much as possible?
  • Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t include some component of recovery into this list.  I know from experience the energy I receive from helping another.  Continuing to reach my hand out to those in need boomerangs right back to me in a way that would be impossible to describe.  There is a virtually limitless supply of energy in being of service to others.

So, there you have it, time to get energized!  I really hope my throat and head are getting the message.  Let’s see how energized 2015 turns out to be!

Today’s Miracle:

Writing this, sitting upright in the home office, rather than slumped over the laptop on the recliner, seems to be miracle enough for today.


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  1. I love energy and your whole list.
    It will be a nice word to go back to when feeling down or tired.
    And it can be a good reminder that to have energy sometimes we need down time to recharge.

    One comment-start with mindful meditation. You can do it any time. Eating, showering. It is reslly just practicing bringing your awareness to the present and focusing on one task.

    Powerful. And no time or planning required.


    • Thanks Anne. I read this comment as I was making homemade chowder for a soup swap, and stressing a bit that it would turn out badly. After I read the comment, I took a deep breath, and practice mindfulness throughout. And it helped tremendously, so thank you!

      Believe me, I am coming to you with questions very soon. I am still early days into the practice, but I plan on sticking with it until I am Buddha himself 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, as always!

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  2. I don’t have a word for myself but I’ve seen this on other blogs too. Energy is a great word!


  3. This is great. Happy new energetic year to you!


  4. great word choice! I agree that we need to ditch all the negative energy we’ve wallowed in for so long while drinking. here’s to new energy in our lives! 🙂 happy new year


  5. Love this Josie! And you can rest assured that you are not the only late one to the party…I’m still contemplating, but will post about my word of the year soon!


  6. That is a wonderful word! and no worries about starting late..the first year i did it I received the idea about 2 weeks in, and that year was outstanding. I chose the word yes and everything has followed from thee, beginning with sobriety.
    The only thing i want to remind you from my and many others experience, is that we can choose a word based on what we want in our lives, which is a good way to start, but very often the word will work in you in different ways. So be aware…and the meditation will help. It will help keep you in the present and when energy works you will notice it.

    jere’s to a great and energetic year!!


    • It seems almost silly to say, but putting time into the thought process, and, most important, announcing this intention to the world really has made a difference in just one day! I am really hopeful that this time next year I can report some exciting changes and growth as a result.

      So very glad that I have found you, and can read your blog regularly now 🙂


  7. Awesome word!!! It never would have come to me to use a word like that but, you’re right…it’s fantastic!

    I’m so glad you’re feeling at least a little better. Being sick sucks.



  8. Great word! I never would have come up with that one either. Yet it resonates on so many levels, yes? I love how you lay out how it will play out in your life, and how it already plays out. Symbiotic energy is certainly one that comes to mind when thinking about working with others, and doing service, something you often do, both in and out of the rooms. And hearing you on the podcast…you have energy!! Focusing energy on what is needed rather than what is perhaps wanted is something I need to work on. You certainly have me thinking here!

    Great stuff!!!!


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