The Miracle Really Is Around the Corner



I would normally not post on a Friday, normally not post two days in row, normally I would be getting ready to go to a meeting this morning.  But, I’ve got a story to tell, and I am compelled to write it immediately rather than wait, so here I am, and if this doesn’t prove the title of this blog, then nothing will.

Yesterday I am sitting with my son, my daughter is at soccer and will be gone half the day, and I realize I have an opportunity to sit down and have “The Talk” with him (read here to understand the reference).  And then I realize he has a number of social commitments (Kids these days need a social director for all of their activities.   Oh wait, that’s me, isn’t it?) that have him away from home, and we are rapidly approaching the start of the school year.  So I say to him, “Let’s head out to Trader Joe’s and then grab some lunch,” and off we went.

I will quickly interject:  this alone is amazing.  Before doing anything that I consider this monumental, I would normally talk it to death:  long, exhausting conversations with my husband and my Mom, weighing the pros and cons and examining every “what if” situation that flies into my head.  To date, the only things I had decided on were:

1.  talk to each child separately, in order for them to process in their individual way

2.  talk in a neutral location, rather than the house

3.  reconvene one more time as a family in case anyone had follow-up

Other than that, I prepared nada, which is sheer craziness for someone like me.

Believe it or not, this post is not about the outcome of these discussions.  Sorry to leave you hanging, but I still haven’t had the final wrap-up with both kids, and I really want to give them that time to reflect and come back to me before I give any kind of summary.

In the end I am glad I started with my son, because his conversation was a lot more difficult.  We talked all through lunch and all the way to pick up my daughter, and by the time she was in the car, he was completely his happy-go-lucky self.  However, me being me, I fretted a bit about certain aspects of the conversation, which I then discussed with my husband.  I second-guessed to the point that I considered not going through with the second conversation, which of course would be ridiculous, as my son would inevitably talk to her.  So with a heavy heart I did the same scenario with my daughter last night as my son ran cross-country.

That conversation went a lot better and a lot smoother than the first one, I am guessing age and life experience might play into it a bit.  Again, I am not trying to tease you all with small details, I will write a full report, probably next week when I have managed to wrap this whole thing up.  But bottom line:  both conversations went far better than I expected, and more importantly, they are over!

By the time Reilly and I are through, and we have run some errands, and picked up Danny, I am exhausted, no doubt mental exhaustion more than anything else.  I say to my husband, “I need a shower,” and off I go.  I am dickering back and forth in my head about various fine points of each conversation, and I stop, mentally slap myself, and say, “Finish up, get dressed, and knock this off!”  I head out of the shower over to my lotion (I am an unbelievable creature of habit with certain aspects of my life).  My contacts are out, but something is sitting on top of my lotion.  I put my glasses on, and this is what I see:


The ring I had lost 8 days ago!

I run out of the room to find out the details:  my daughter was getting a shopping bag out for something, and found it in the shopping bag, so she wanted to surprise me and put it where I would see it immediately.  I thanked her walked back to my room, and sobbed by myself for a solid five minutes.

This story would be awesome in and of itself.  Here’s the miraculous part, and the reason I was so emotional.  When I lost that ring Wednesday of last week, I was reasonably sure based upon when I saw it last that I had lost it in the frenzy of getting groceries into the house.  Before I even put groceries away, I went through each bag and checked for the ring.  I then straightened each bag, smoothed each one and formed a neat pile, where they sat on the counter for a day.   I repeated this process several times until I was convinced they could not be in some wrinkle in the bag.  After about two days… are you sitting down?

I threw that pile of bags away.

In other words, the bags from that shopping trip are not in my house anymore.  They haven’t been for about 5 days.  So when Reilly went to find a grocery bag, she grabbed one from a shopping trip that way, way, WAY predated the one where I lost my ring.

There may be a cynical reader who will find a loophole to this story, but I will know, deep in my bones, that Reilly finding that ring, on that day, was a miracle, and a sign that I did the right thing telling my children.

Today’s Miracle:

Since all that happened yesterday, I will give one for today.  My husband left for work a few minutes ago, and I was wishing him well with some frustrating situations he had awaiting him.  He said, “Absolutely nothing is going to shake my day, after the way you inspired me yesterday with your honesty and courage.”  Whew, too much emotion in one 24 hour period!  Also, I can snap this shot and send it out:



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  1. Oh Josie….I don’t even know what to say. The Universe certainly has a warped sense of humor, right? I’m so proud of your bravery and love your kind, positive spirit more every day. Remember how you and I are not criers? Well, I was all good until I read your hubby’s words. My eyelashes are wet…but, it’s only happy tears. xo


    • Thanks, Michelle. Anytime he says something like that to me I am overwhelmed, because I remember when my actions brought the opposite reaction out of him. We are such a testament to the rewards you can reap by doing the hard work, that’s for sure.

      And, for sure, I’ve teared up more in the past 24 hours than I have since I can’t remember when!

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  2. so happy for you!!!!


  3. Great story, and just another example of how the program works if you work it. By doing the next indicated steps, we are often amazed at the results!

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  4. Crying right along with you. What a wonderful post! I’ll look forward to reading “the details”.

    Enjoy the weekend with your family.


  5. I have to agree with your husband! I wish my parents had been in a place to be honest and vulnerable with me. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I lost my wedding ring last summer and there’s a part of me that’s still expecting it to appear. I believe in miracles and I’m so glad this one happened to you!


    • Karen, I’m telling you, it could still happen. When I tell you it makes zero sense where she found it, I am not kidding. Miracle exist!

      And thanks for the validation on talking to the kids. It helps to know that others believe I am making the right decisions. Parenting is the trickiest job in the world, that’s for sure.


  6. Holy Shit Josie~ sorry for cursing but WOW! First I am so happy you found your ring and yes I am a believer in signs too! This post made my day. I am waiting anxiously for the wrap up of the conversations b/c they will help me w/ my own sit down w/ my kids. I did have one w/ my oldest in June~ but I need to do a follow-up on that one. You gave me some pointers too. What an amazing day you had yesterday~ I think you will need a nap today after your meeting 🙂 xoxo


  7. PS I lost my diamond out of my wedding ring many moons ago, it was Mothers Day too. Never found it and it drive me crazy for months! So happy for you!


    • And you know, I know so many stories about people that have lost rings, and I have been trying to console myself because I know it’s a fairly common thing, but something about when it happened in early sobriety added an extra punch to the gut for me. And now, with this whole miracle thing (because, dammit, it is a miracle, and Sherry’s write, it should be documented officially 🙂 ), I am just so overwhelmed!

      Thanks for all of your support and comments, it makes a great day even more fantastic 🙂


  8. Oh my God girl…not fair making me cry at work!

    Bona fide miracle in my book. Call the Vatican! Someone needs to write this shit down!

    Congrats my friend. I’m so happy you found the ring, and the courage for those talks.



  9. Josie – just duct tape that damn thing to your hand, will ya?

    Lovely post indeed – can’t say much more than what everyone has said. You are truly a blessed women – getting what you are giving out to the Universe.

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    • Paul, I will have you (and anyone else else reading) know the following: the rings are safely at the jewelers, being taken down a whole size! So great news all around… the ring is back, and my fingers are skinnier 🙂

      I appreciate your comment (always!), and I do know and appreciate the blessings that are in my life 🙂


  10. So pleased that you had The Talks… and the ring finding you again 😉 is pretty special too! Paul made me laugh with his duct tape suggestion but seriously do check if it needs resizing!


    • Thanks, Prim, you know… I am still mulling over your most recent post, and I’m wondering if I should be taking out and examining those talks like you describe with the rocks, and if I do that will be the springboard for next week’s posts! So thanks all around, the comment, and the perspective from which to take with regard to writing!

      PS… you laugh about the duct tape, but I seriously considered it, instead, just wore them on the middle finger until I got to the jewelers (which I did, yesterday)!

      Have a great day, Prim!


  11. Truly a miracle Josie!!!!!! So glad you shared your entire miraculous day with us!!!❤️


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