Happy 2nd Birthday: An Open Letter to My Blog


Artistic Concept and Photography courtesy of my brilliant daughter (hand modelling courtesy of my son)!

Dear Blog,

You are two years old today, and so I wanted to let you know how much you have meant to my life since you have entered it.

I did not think out nor did I prepare much for your birth.  It was suggested to me that you would be a valuable addition to my life, and to the lives of those around me, and so I more or less thought, “Why not give this a shot?”

And that about sums up my preparation for you in my life.

Like any addition to a family, you quickly and firmly took root.  At first, you flailed and cried and didn’t know much of what you were doing, but time and patience helped to calm and soothe you.  I had very little expectations of you; consequently, when even the smallest of things happened, I felt like we achieved a huge milestone.  I remember your first LIKE as if it was yesterday.  I did not even understand what the foreign Gravatar at the bottom of the post was, I had to call my husband over to help me understand.  But when I did, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

Soon after I realized that with this knowledge comes more responsibility.  Wait, other people might actually be reading you!  And that small shift in perspective… write something that helps you, but also may help another, brought about an enormous growth spurt for you.  The realization that the events in life that affect me might actually be affecting someone else out there gave me a feeling of connectedness like I have never experienced before.

Soon after that first LIKE was the first COMMENT.  Oh my, now we are entering a brave new world, indeed… people in the world are not only reading, not only appreciating, but taking their precious time to give back to us!  It is hard to describe the joy that is found in reading comments.  The gratitude of acknowledgement, the wisdom received, and again the feeling that I am not alone in my joy or my struggles.

Some posts, like Betty White is a Trigger or Roar, helped me to work through issues.  Some posts, like A Series of Bottoms, Chapter 1-Epilogue, and Lather, Rinse, Repeat:  The Shame Cycle, helped me to purge my mind and my heart of negative feelings to which I was holding on.  Some posts, like The Dreaded Topic or I’ve Talked the Talk, Now I’ve Walked the Walk, helped me set goals and kept me accountable to them.  Some of the seemingly sillier posts, like The End of the People Magazine Era… Or is It, helped me realize that no matter how crazy my thoughts or actions are, there is someone who will relate.

And then, the most unexpected miracle of all, blog:  the readers become FRIENDS.  We connect with each other, not just within the blogosphere, but outside of it as well.  Emails, phone calls, in-person visits.  In a thousand years, I would have never guessed the blessings of true friendships that have evolved out of the simple, almost thoughtless decision to bring you into this world.

You have given me the opportunity to take chances, to challenge myself, to hold myself accountable to goals, to admit shortcomings, to publicize victories.  You have given me a confidence in myself that I have heretofore not experienced.  You have given me the flashlight to shine on my deepest darkest thoughts, and, in shining that light, have dispelled them.

The happiest of birthdays, blog, and endless gratitude for all the joy you have brought to my life.  I hope we have many years of happiness to come.

Today’s Miracle:

Celebrating the anniversary of joining a world that has brought me countless blessings.  Thanks to all of you!

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to many more!


  2. Congrats, Josie! Thank you! I really enjoy reading and being apart of your recovery journey!!


  3. Yes! Yes to everything in here, but first I must compliment the photographer and hand model in the photo. I would have guessed professional stock, so well done and so sweet to have a personal touch to include on this very personal post.

    Had to laugh at “Betty White is a trigger”…what a great title, and I do remember reading it the first time around.

    I am so, so glad and grateful to have you in my life. You, the person and friend and mom I can brainstorm and share and work things out with, but also your wonderful blog. Your posts are always beautifully written and focused and helpful to me.

    Happy birthday to your blog and thank you!


  4. Love, love, love the picture. Brilliant!

    Happy, happy birthday to your blog. I’m so happy you’re writing it and even more happy that I found it!



  5. Great picture. What lovely jaunty fingers .. I love those little glimpses into the lives of the people that we are affecting by our sobriety. sometimes I wonder if we realise the wonderful things we are doing for our families in getting sober. Happy Birthday to your blog! xxx


  6. Awesome! So grateful your here!


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