All Roads Lead to Limeport

When I was in College, it seemed that no matter where my friends and I were driving, which direction we were heading, nor which road we traveled, we would invariably pass a sign for a small nearby town called Limeport, which “led” us to to the expression I used in the title above.  This is a small and not-really-that-funny joke that we proceeded to beat to death for years.

I found myself thinking of that expression after my Monday meeting this morning.  The topic was Step 5, and since I am writing about the steps each Friday, I will skip the main discussion we had.  Instead, we had some extra time, and a gentleman shared that he had a thought about drinking.  He had a disappointing day, which turned into resentment, and both were feelings over which he used to drink.  The good news is he did not drink, and the better news is that he is sharing about it in a meeting.

Before I left for my meeting I had the opportunity to read the weekly post of one of my favorite bloggers in the world, Sober Identity.  In her blog she spoke eloquently of a current situation with which she is dealing, and how parallel this situation runs to the time she began recovery.  Even though she has been sober for many years now, she can closely identify current life issues to her recovery from alcoholism.

My life has been really and truly blessed, and while I am very grateful, I can take it for granted, which I believe I had been doing for a while now.  Last week, I had an issue come up in my life… nothing that made me want to drink; rather, the issue brought my past mistakes back front and center for a few days.  At the time, I felt like I swallowed a boulder, I could not sleep, and was upset enough that I could not even open up and talk to my husband about it.  This tumultuous period lasted only about two days, but when life has been as good as it has been, two days seems like an eternity.  I finally picked myself up by my bootstraps, did what needed to be done, and slowly but surely life is getting back to normal.  I believe, very deeply, that this too shall pass, and I have enough sobriety to know that there is no way around things, you just have to go through them.  I am almost there, and the light at the end of the tunnel is glimmering even now.

My point in what may seem like a pointless post:  when you are an alcoholic/addict, all things lead back to it.  Seemingly unrelated life circumstances, good feelings or bad, actions and reactions… when you are in recovery, everything intersects.  If we keep this thought at the forefront of our minds, and use the tools we’ve been given, we can get through anything!

Today’s Miracle:

In solidarity with my wonderful friend over at Sober Identity, if she can detox from sugar for the next 28 days, then I will detox from my (current) biggest vice:  salt!

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  1. I agree – all roads to seem to lead right back – I am this way with dieting. great post!


  2. This post is timely for me. This week something I swore I was over reared its head again. I can’t decide if this week sucks or if it’s a beautiful lesson in humility and patience and love. Trying to go with the latter obviously. Thank you so much for this post. I really needed it.


  3. Lately i’ve reverted in some of my thought patterns…fortunately, at the place i am in my recovery, i’m ale to recognize these thoughts for the BS they are and address them, rather than take them as gospel. It’s humbling but also a way for me to measure my progress.


  4. (We have a similar joke out here. It’s totally meaningless, a different name and we have beaten it to death. Yet still we laugh when we talk of it. And no one but us thinks it’s that funny.)

    Onto the post. Thank you for the show of support. I always feel so loved by you. You are a wonderful friend I have yet to “meet.” Incredible, incredible writing for me to read today. Yes, the thread of my life is knotted by my recovery from alcoholism. This is brilliant that you posted this today. Everything good has come out of the growth I gleaned from recovery of my booze addiction. I am expecting the growth to continue too.

    I get this feeling like many of us have many years together and sober and learning to live life. What a wonderful community I find myself within.

    You are with me today as we journey together to evolve into more than we previously were.
    xox Lisa


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