Get Out Your Party Hats, It’s Time To Celebrate Another Anniversary!

Welcome.  It is my goal in this blog to document my journey of recovery from addiction.  I have 52 days clean, so I am still very new on this path.  I hope to enlighten both myself and others on the daily trials, and the miracles, that can be found along the way.

Even this early on, I know one thing:  it is only one day at a time, one step at a time, that can bring success in freedom from addiction.  Living in the mistakes of the past brings nothing but heartache, and anxiety about the future brings nothing but stress.  Living in the present is a skill that requires patience through repetition, but will eventually bring rewards unlike any that I have ever known… at least that is my hope.

As I continue to document, I will try to include more personal details so that you may know more about me as a person.  I am completely new to the process of blogging, so I hope to learn as I go, and hopefully my site will improve daily.  I welcome all feedback, especially on ways to bring more depth to my story!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to sharing my story…

-written by me, as the first post in this blog, one year ago today

I said to my husband this morning that I feel like I’m writing about one anniversary or another every week.  But it’s an amazing milestone:  one year of blogging!  When I wrote the words above, my honest expectation was that two people would read it: my Mom, and the friend who suggested I started this “experiment.”  I remember the first time I received an email notification that someone “liked” my post, I had to show it to my husband, and he had to explain to me that, in fact, there are others out there in the world that might be reading what I wrote.  What a concept!  And here we are, one year and quite a few more readers later, and my mind is blown how much this blog, and this community, have come to mean to me.  Now, I write, and cannot wait to read feedback from my friends, old and new.  Now, I get so excited when I see a new post from all of my fellow recovery “experts.”  And when I don’t see a post from someone, I worry about them, and pray that they are well.

The day I started this blog, was, coincidentally (or not), the day I moved back in with my husband after a 7-week break.  So the words above don’t fully convey the chaos that was reigning in my life; and yet, they were my mantra:  stay in the moment, stay in the moment, stay in the moment.  And I was right, that skill did take practice and patience, but man, was it worth it.  My life, one year later, is truly beyond my wildest dreams.  And it just keeps getting better.

So, a million thanks to all of you.  The support, the advice, the praise, the encouragement… there are simply no words to tell you how much richer my life has been because of all of you.

Today’s Miracle:

I would say one year of blogging counts as a bona fide miracle!

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  1. Doing a happy dance over here for your phenomenal one year blog-o-versary!

    It’s been such a joy following your growth and discovery. You, my dear, are the best miracle. Congratulations!!!
    – Christy


  2. Congrats! You should be so proud of yourself!


  3. Congrats on such a wonderful journal of your even more wonderful journey! I am blessed to be a reader and fan and fellow alcoholic. You help keep me on my toes and vigilant in maintaining my spiritual condition in fit condition. You remind me where I need to be at times,and for all of that – Thank You.

    Love and Light,


  4. My girlfriend just forwarded me your blog. I could tell by the name of your blog and the words written on your fingers that you have creativity and a voice to be encouraging. Keep it up! And congrats on all of your milestones and anniversaries!


  5. Another great milestone! Thank you for continuing to share your journey…I always enjoy reading about the many blessings you have received along the way. You inspire me! Love you!


  6. Its always a pleasure to be able to read your blog. I don’t always get to comment as I would like to – heck, my writing has gotten slower than I like as well. Life is overtaking me at the moment – but I am glad you worry for me (you didnt mention me by name, but, I know I have been quieter than normal). Job is getting me about 60-70 hours with deadlines, 2 new sponsee’s (high maintenance types) and of course my family still needs me too 😉

    All that being said, I read your blogs even in that busy time, it is important to me and thanks to my iPhone WordPress app – your blog and many others are right at my finger tips to read when I have a spare moment, standing in line, on the subway – wherever. Bottom line, your blog is an active part of my life and my recovery! Thank you /bow/



  7. Not just blogging, but blogging with talent and grace. Blogging in a way that shines a light that draws others to it. Blogging in a way that says, “You are welcome” and “Thank You” in the same precious breath.


  8. Happy to be a part of your blog. You’re an incredible communicator. I always look forward to your posts. Sometimes I even save them, unread, until I have some quiet moments to take them in. You’re a beautiful woman. And yes, you do hunt us down when you don’t hear from us for a while. Lots of love and congrats. You make my sober life richer. Lisa

    ps. I like the new page appearance too


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