Graduation Day

It is never too late to be who you might have been.  -George Eliot


Today I celebrate a monumental occasion… I have graduated from my outpatient therapy program as of 3 pm today!  The above picture is the coin I received in the “ceremony.”   I have occasionally written about this program, which consists of a group therapy session and an individual therapy session each week for the past 5 months.   Most weeks I dragged my feet going to these appointments.  It’s not that I have anything at all against rehabilitative therapy, but for me personally, I am invested enough in my 12-step program that most of what is covered in these sessions seemed redundant, and a redundancy for which I had to put out money each week.

Having said that, if I’m in something, I’m in, and so I made the most of every session I attended.  I shared, I listened, and I provided encouragement and support to my fellow group members.  I am not patting myself on the back here, in my mind it’s a given that if you are part of a group, you participate in the group.

So when my “graduation” came, and each person wished me well, I was overwhelmed by their kinds words.  Several of them vowed to attend the AA meeting I run on Mondays, one person had tears in his eyes telling me how much he will miss me, and another called me an inspiration for her recovery.  All this from a group to which I dragged myself.  Honestly, I was flabbergasted, as these are not people who seem totally convinced that 12-step recovery programs have much merit.  If I had to guess their opinion of me, I would have guessed that they thought I was the Jim Jones of AA… so much for my powers of perception!

In any event, I gave my phone number to a woman in the group who is really struggling with her current life circumstances, but does not yet feel ready to commit to a 12-step program.  She has already texted me, and I am hopeful that I can help her find her way to an AA meeting very soon.  This is the program in action!

Today’s Miracle:

Knowing that 4 hours a week have opened up in my schedule!



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  1. Congratulations 🙂 What do the dates on the chip mean?


  2. That is wonderful…I am SO happy for you. You know, I was thinking about all the things that I started and never ever finished. I was a great starter, but just got either bored, or disinterested or saw something shinier and lovlier and just never got back to that level of excitement I had a the beginning. And I think we as alcoholics share that trait. So to see you committed to and finishing that therapy program is a wonderful accomplishment. Not for the program per se, but in actually seeing it through to the end. I get thrilled when I actually finish a book (I have about seven on the go – see? I haven’t changed there) but to finish something so important…well, that’s on a different level altogether…and you did it. Congrats!

    What even more important is what you gave to the group. You have given yourself – your warmth, your passion for recovery, your love, your compassion, your open mindedness and your gift of sharing. I can see that even on your blog, and not having “known” you for very long through your words here, but your spirit shines through the screen. You probably touch a lot more people than you think you do, and that is God working through you. You are a blessed and are a blessing.

    Thank you for the great news…and yes, this certainly is the program in action!

    Love and Light,


  3. Time With Thea

    Congratulations! I had lost your blog for a bit due to some blog changes I had to go through and I am so glad I found your blog again! I am loving your blog design. What an inspirational journey you are sharing! I am rooting for you! ~Thea


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