God Moments

Coincidence is God‘s way of remaining anonymous. –Albert Einstein

First, let me say that I am so happy to be back writing about the present day, instead of mucking around in the past!  Yesterday was my one year anniversary of sobriety, and it was a fantastic day from beginning to end.  Got to write in my blog, received beautiful commendations in return, spent time with my family, and my Mom asked to go with me to my meeting to receive my 1 year coin.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

I have written quite a bit in the past year about my connection with “coincidences,” “synchronicity,” or, if you prefer, God Moments.  Since this journey began, I have opened my eyes to all the different ways He speaks to me on any given day, and that awareness has brought amazing gifts into my life.  Just this past weekend, several have happened that I would like to share:

1.   About a year and a half ago, when I was still trying to get recovery (and failing miserably), I ran into a family member at one of the meetings I attend.  I was at a very low point (I believe I was entering rehab the very next day), and the shame I felt was immense.  She was a wonderful support through that time, and in early recovery.  As my life improved, and I started branching out at different meetings, we drifted apart.  As my anniversary date grew close, I kept meaning to reach out to her, but never managed to do so.  Thursday of last week she called, out of the blue… she is chairing a meeting, and needed a speaker, would I be willing to do it?  The date she needed was the one year anniversary of my last “drink.”  I told her (of course) that I would be honored, and let her know of my timeline, and she was floored… that was Friday.

2.  I had a sponsor from about 6 months before I hit my bottom, until about 6 months into sobriety (another amazing God Moment story for another time).  She was an absolute anchor for me through the stormiest part of my life to date, and she will always be special to me.  At around 6 months, our relationship drifted a bit, her job became more complex, and she had less time to give to her Program, and consequently our relationship changed from sponsor/sponsee to a more casual friendship in the Fellowship.  On Sunday, out of the blue, I received a phone message from her.  She was attending a meeting we used to attend together, and she wanted to know if I could meet her there and then we could grab a bite to eat.  She said I had just popped into her head, and she wanted to see how I was.  When I called back and told her what the date was, she couldn’t speak for a few minutes, she was so overcome.  She honestly had not remembered it was just a year ago that we were dealing with my mess of a life, and she couldn’t believe she decided to call me on that day.  She showed up for my meeting this morning, we had breakfast together, and we marvelled at the amazing God Moments all around us.

3.  Last night I was preparing for my meeting this morning, and I was using a book I don’t read very often (an AA book, Came to Believe).  I opened up to a random page, which turned out to be chapter 7, entitled “Is it Coincidence?”  I knew at that moment what I needed to share the next day.

4.  At the meeting this morning a woman showed up that I have not seen in weeks.  She was a regular attendee when my meeting first started, then she disappeared for a while.  She is back and dealing with upcoming legal problems (3rd DUI, which typically brings mandatory jail time), and she is filled with anxiety.  She has about a month sober, and hopes to have more, but is terrified that if she has to go to jail she will lose momentum and relapse.  I was able to share the story of my legal issues, the certainty I had of one outcome in the beginning, the miracles that took place along the way, and the unbelievable outcome that I got to experience, against all odds.  She told me that my story inspired her to let go of her anxiety, at least for today, to simply enjoy the present, and to let the future take care of itself.  My meeting typically has anywhere from 6-12 attendees, but due to inclement weather, there were only 4 of us, which gave me the opportunity to share more of my personal story than I normally would, which gave this woman the comfort she needed to let go of her worries.

The point of that last story is that coincidences, or God Moments, work both ways, and I never know how my words or actions might serve as a God Moment for another.

Today’s Miracle:

It snowed today and my children’s school district did not give them a 2-hour delay, or even call them out of school early.  It’s as much a miracle as my recovery…


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  1. Happy 1 year! Gosh you are so prolific. I’m trying to catch up!!!


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