Psychic Change

The open-minded see the truth in different things.  The closed-minded see only the differences.

Last night I began what I believe will be the next chapter in my recovery:  I had what I will call a “big book study session.”  The goal of these sessions is to take an in-depth look at the big book (which is basically the Bible of Alcoholics Anonymous), and through that in-depth look, I will complete the 12 steps of recovery which is the foundation of the program.

I was both excited and nervous before attending this meeting.  I realize that this the heart of the program which has already given me so much, and I have been anxious to get to the things that are supposed to be so life-transforming.  But I am also nervous, because I have a hard time imagining the whole “life-transforming” part of it.  Already, I am faced with facets of my personality with which I am uncomfortable.  Right now, the main struggle I am having is with my skeptical nature, and, until last night, I don’t think I realized just how big a part of my personality my skepticism is.

When I am faced with a life view that is different from my own, I now realize I have a tendency to look for the faults in its logic, rather than look for the faults in my own.  I never considered myself to be an analytical type, but when it comes to making arguments for my own point of view and against others, I reign supreme.  This trait may work well someplace in life (although I have no idea where), but it positively must go as I embark on this new venture.

I also realize that I struggle a bit with extremists of any type… Bible beaters, fitness gurus, raging liberals, and so on.  When I am faced with this type of personality, I tend to withdraw as quickly as I can.  I am now in a situation where I must not only refrain from withdrawing, but I essentially have to embrace this as a way of life.  I am honestly struggling with this… it feels uncomfortable!  But if I want the psychic change that AA promises me, if I want my life to be transformed, then I need to live in discomfort, at least for the short-term.  I have tried my way for a really long time and haven’t gotten very far, what can it hurt to try another approach?

Like with so many things in life, time will tell…

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my site. Its always a beautiful thing to me when I see newcomers embracing recovery. I think its kind of hilarious, though, because I am one of those people that you probably don’t like lol. I’m not entirely sure what the opposite of ‘skeptic’ is (believer?) but I am that person. And, I use to be a person of extremes. I’m not anymore. Sobriety has taken care of that. I can no longer afford to be extremist about anything. In my mind, that kind of behavior is addict-like and it puts me in a bad place mentally.

    I look forward to reading what you think of the Big Book Study. Those have always been my favorite kind of meetings.


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